All that Lingers by Irene Wittig

 A sweeping saga of love, friendship, loss and betrayal, very highly recommended with a big five stars rating.

Unsettled Disruption by Juana-Catalina Rodriguez

Unsettled Disruption by Juana-Catalina Rodriguez Unsettled Disruption: Step-by-Step Guide for Harnessing the Evolving Path of Purpose-Driven Innovation by Juana-Catalina Rodriguez! The global disruption caused by the pandemic, climate change, technology, and new customer expectations is unparalleled. Overnight, entire economies, education systems, and social infrastructures came to a grinding halt. Nowadays, many companies, organizations, business leaders,…

They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War and Family by Roger Stark

They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark is a merger between American and Japanese events during WWII, and the very human reality of one American pilot and his love letters to his wife.  The candor in their loving correspondence, and the stark reality of war, clash against each other within the pages of this book.  Like the major…

Spiritual Marketing by Fabio Porrino  

Spiritual Marketing by Fabio Porrino   Spiritual Marketing: How to overcome the limits of strategic marketing with a mix of communication, meditation, ethics and magic. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are replacing human work, even in marketing, just as has happened in the past in other manufacturing sectors. Experts haven’t yet understood what is happening, and…

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